a bonus

12 drawings
graphite / ink / tipex / white marker on paper, 19x30 - 30x35cm

representing cover, images and text passages from the article on Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols in Ebony magazine, January 1969
for "STIMME von und für Minderheiten / nr.74: Film", in reference to the article on Nichelle Nichols by Peter Illetschko

The grafic transformation of Ebony's cover story from 1969 for the "Film"-issue of the quarterly magazine of the Austrian NGO "Initiative Minorities" thematizes this specific TV series as well as film in general, it's conditions of production and the images connected to it (in relation to minorities). But in first instance it creates conciousness on the two magazines themselves within their respective contexts.

- EBONY is a lifestyle magazine for the afro american market since 1945.

- STIMME von und für Minderheiten (VOICE for and by Minorities) publishes critical essays on topical focusses regarding (ethnical, sexual) minorities, handicapped and migrants.