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artistic and curatorial practice
Red Friday
Participative Performance on the occasion of Orthodox Easter
Grätzelmixer, Vienna, 2020
In collaboration with Tatia Skhirtladze, Irene Lucas, Daniel Aschwanden

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Installation and Performance
Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, 2019
Contribution to the exhibition "Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life", curated by Ruth Noack
with the participation of Anna Avdalyan (voice) and Stefanie Schidlauske (dreams and drawings)

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(based on Eisler/Brecht: 4 Wiegenlieder für Arbeitermütter and Google Translator)

images 1-2: © Hans Christ

Landscape Time Memory
Participative Performance and Artistic Research on a) vernacular wooden architecture and b) Jewish fotografers dynasties in Oni and Shovi / Racha region, within the project of Georgia-based curator Teona Japaridze.

In cooperation with Tatia Skhirtladze

In collaboration with the Oni Regional Museum, Creative Georgia and GRETA - Green Economy: Sustainable Mountain Tourism and Organic Agriculture

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Translocal Archives
Exhibition, discoursive formats, mediation programmes

in the frames of "New Mappings of Europe", a cooperation project of Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Museum of Yugoslavia Beograd, Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, funded by EU / Creative Europe

VBKÖ - Austrian Association of Women Artists, Vienna, 2019
in cooperation with Ruby Sircar

exhibition views

project website

Translocal Scores
Exhibition, performances, concerts, discoursive formats, mediation programmes, interventions in public space

in the frames of "New Mappings of Europe", a cooperation project of Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Museum of Yugoslavia Beograd, Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, funded by EU / Creative Europe

Project Space Gumpendorferstrasse - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2019
in cooperation with Ruby Sircar

exhibition views

project website

two drawings, two audio files
Institute of Provocation, Beijing, 2018
Contribution to the exhibition "Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life", curated by Ruth Noack


image © Annette Ruenzler

Interactive Installation
Litost Gallery, Prague, 2018
Contribution to the exhibition "Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life", curated by Ruth Noack

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(based on Eisler/Brecht: 4 Wiegenlieder für Arbeitermütter and Google Translator)
Installation and Performance
Yellow Brick, Nea Ionia / Athens, 2018
Contribution to the exhibition "Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life", curated by Ruth Noack
with the participation of Alaa Abu Asad, Teresa Distelberger, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki

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(based on Eisler/Brecht: 4 Wiegenlieder für Arbeitermütter and Google Translator)

images 5-7: © Sanne Kabalt

Lecture Performance about projects at rivers
Historisches Museum Frankfurt, 2018
"Wer spricht? Vielstimmigkeit im Museum" curated by Vida Bakondy for Museumsakademie Joanneum

The Hidden Fashion Library
co-curating - with Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton - and exhibition design
Staterooms of the Alte Post, Vienna, 2017
part of TAKE - Festival for indepentent fashion and arts and founding event of ACFR - Austrian Center for Fashion Research

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image 1: © Nina Kreuzinger

Breathe II
Co-operative research on the origins of the ecological protest movement in late 1980ties in Bulgaria

Performance in public space on original locations in Ruse / Bulgaria, 2013:
Re-Enactments of Frame 00:32:29:03, 00:40:24:19 and 00:04:48:12 of the Documentary Film "Breathe" (Ivan Zhirov, Bulgaria / 1987)

Installation, Canetti House / Ruse, 2013
Slide projections, documentary videos, digital prints, T-Shirts with protest slogans, architectural model of the Ruse City Hall (architect: Alexander Barov), inventory of the Canetti House and OSB-sheets (arranged in reference to the "Monument 1300 years Bulgaria" by A. Barov)

curated by Elisa Calosi, Int. Canetti Society Ruse

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images 3-5 © National Library Ruse

Geroite na Sevastopol
Lecture on intermodal transport and logistics at the eastern fringes of Europe,
based on storyboard-drawings for a fictive documentary.
Presented at the conference "On Fluid Ground", July 2011, curated by Jaob Racek, which took place on board of a cargo ferry between Bulgaria and Georgia, that at the same time has been object to the fieldwork of this artistic research.
A second extended presentation was realized for the conference "Ephemeral Film", Austrian Filmmuseum, October 2011

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installation, 2011
xhibit - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
within the research project "Troubling Research - Performing Knowledge in the Arts"
referring to and including works of Ugo Guarino

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Living Rooms
Das bewegte Wohnzimmer

interactive 3-channel videoinstallation, 2011
Reumannhof (a historial social housing complex of the Red Vienna)
in cooperation with the Living Rooms - Research Team

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concept for an exhibition in private homes, 2011
co-curated by Florian Bettel and Julia Rosenberger
with contributions by Gilbert Bretterbauer, Willi Dorner / Lisa Rastl, Anna Haber / Korinna Lindinger, Claudia Larcher, Tatia Skhirtladze, Esther Stocker

(1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) | (6) | (7)

part of the interdisciplinary research project "Living Rooms - The Art of Mobilizing Belonging(s)" by University Vienna / Institute for Political Sciences, University for Applied Arts Vienna, Demokratiezentrum Wien and Gangart
Team: Florian Bettel, Gertraud Diendorfer, Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler, Aleksandra Ptaszynska, Julia Muorao Permoser, Julia Rosenberger, Sieglinde Rosenberger

Living Rooms

Feste Kämpfe - 100 Jahre Frauentag
Artistic concept and exhibition design for the research project on the Women's Day Centenary in Austria by the Kreisky Archive / Dohnal Archive
Scientific Curators: Maria Mesner, Heidi Niederkofler, Johanna Zechner
österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde, 2011

(1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | 100-jahre-frauentag

Frauenmuseum Hittisau, 2011

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Good Luck! Migration Today
member of the curatorial board and artistic consultants for a collaborative project with activists and institutions in Vienna, Belgrade, Istanbul and Zagreb: a symposium, lecture series, exhibitions and a book (see: bibliography)
in cooperation with Initiative Minderheiten

Initiative Minderheiten
Installation, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, 2010
wall writing / metal letters, appr. 4x10m
18 Lada-hoods with laser cuttings

in cooperation with Jakob Racek, the family Nikolov, Ivan Tomov and Raicho Georgiev

thanks to Mr. Rusenov and Mrs. Vasileva

(1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) | (6) | Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv

The text of the wall writing is the description of a painting, which the owners of the "Mecho" car recycling company in Govedare, where the Lada-hoods have been bought, ordered from gangart for their private home.
Visual contributions for prints of the Initiative Minderheiten

a bonus

12 drawings for "Stimme von und für Minderheiten"
graphite / ink / Tipp-Ex / white marker on paper, 19x30 - 30x35cm


Lines Went Through lines - browsing Ms. magazine
a performed magazine in space: feedbacks in text, sound and drawings on 1972-74 issues of American feminist magazine Ms.

Medienwerkstatt Wien, 2009 & ongoing
with contributions by Wolfgang Auer, Susanne Brokesch, Yulia Kostereva / Yuriy Kruchak, Elisabeth Penker, Cosima Reif, Brigitte Weich, Stefanie Wuschitz

website Lines Went Through Lines

image: Ms. magazine Vol.1 / Nr.7, January 1973, pages 66-71. Design: Bea Feitler
Lost Formats
Spacial Intervention & Performance
in collaboration with Ia Siradze
15 August 2009, Art Villa Garikula – Akhalkhalaki / Georgia
Contribution to 'ici Garikula', curated by Tina Bepperling
within 'FestiNova' Contemporary Art Festival at Art Villa Garikula, directed by Karaman Kutateladze

(1) | (2) | (3) | sound sample
Lost Formats
Research: Material Culture of Private Music Collections in Akhalkhalaki / Georgia
15 August 2009, Art Villa Garikula – Akhalkhalaki / Georgia
Contribution to 'ici Garikula', curated by Tina Bepperling
within 'FestiNova' Contemporary Art Festival at Art Villa Garikula, directed by Karaman Kutateladze

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Vergessene Zukunft #1: zauberhafte Klangmaschinen
an exhibition by IMA - Institut für Medienarchäologie
Kulturfabrik Hainburg, 09/08 - 04/09

exhibition design: gangart
detail planning / realisation: Ylva Haberlandt

images (1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) | (6)
exponat list (pdf)
videoclips Electric Sound | Voltage Control | Universal Music Machine | Trans_Mission
website Klangmaschinen
Market Places - the Architecture of the Quotidian
2 channel video installation
CIVA - Centre International pour la Ville l'Architecture et le Paysage, Brussels, 2007
contribution on MPreis supermarkts and their architects at the exhibition
"Supermarché d'Europe : 50 ans"

videoclips (1) |(2) |
Yellow Pages
installation, silkscreen print
Caucasus Biennale: One Stop - Art in Public Space, by TRAM & Art Caucasus
Tbilisi, 2007

wireframe models at the façade of the Cinema House, Rustaveli Square, Tbilisi
sound: Gogi Dzodzuashvili

funded by BMUKK and BMAA
thanks to Tatia Skhirtladze, Lado Togonidze and Nana Kirmelashvili

further images (1) | (video) sound: Gogi Dzodzuashvili

Cumberto - postgraduate course for New Media Art
Tbilisi / Georgia, 2007

thanks to Wato Tsereteli

Keine Verbindung - non connection - Bez Spojenia
Hainburg | Wolfsthal | Berg | Bratislava, 2007
8 Installations in public space, as guiding system for a project on the lack of bordercrossing public transport in the region
with IMA - Institut für Medienarchäologie

further images (1) (2) (3)
no connection


The Migrating Museum
participation in the conference by FO/GO Lab
March 2007, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
with Ricardo Basbaum, Emma Heddich and FO/GO Lab

(Poster by Irene Lucas of FO/GO Lab)
video presentations and lectures
Zentralsparkasse Favoriten (Arch. Günther Domenig 1979), 2006

the negotiation of space: the logic of logistics / media territory middle east / appropriation - expropriation
with contributions by: Sergio Bologna, Laura Horelli, Dariusz Kowalski, Kamen Stoyanov, Vanessa Redak, Rashid Masharawi, Thomas Edlinger, Stephanie Wuschitz, Dana Charkasi, Manfred Neuwirth, Elisabeth Guggenberger/Helmut Voitl, Cornelia Kogoj

website Bildteil | |
Sketch Up
installation, video and discourse
various locations in Madrid, 2006

urban development, residential tourism and labour migration at spain's "Costa Geriatrica"
as part of "Supervision of Paradise" by Irene Lucas / Christoph Euler

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
workshop and exhibition
industry zone and Castle Wolkersdorf, 2006

observations on urban planning, company policy and working conditions in northern Lower Austria
as part of Social Impact / Weinviertler Fotowochen 06 / Foto FLUSS

website Social Impact

9th International Exhibition of Architecture, la Biennale di Venezia 04
co-curators (with Marta Schreieck) and exhibition design
Austrian Pavilion at the Giardini / Venezia, 2004

the differential value of architecture:
MPreis supermarkets / 4 young teams

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
website Architekturbiennale

15 MPreis supermarkets
3-channel videoinstallation with movable projectors and synchronized image-/movement-sequences
9th International Exhibition of Architecture, la Biennale di Venezia 04

a roadmovie

trum, rolphi und die Laufbandgeschichte
two narrative shortfilms for the installation of Pool Architects
9th International Exhibition of Architecture, la Biennale di Venezia 04

excerpts (double image)
Gastarbajteri - 40 Jahre Arbeitsmigration
artistic concept, curating and exhibition design
Wien Museum (Historical Museum of the City of Vienna) and New Public Library Vienna, 2004

a first attempt to outline a history of those 20% of Austria's inhabitants who have a migrant background, seen from their own perspective
in cooperation with the scientific team of the organizing NGO Initiative Minderheiten

further images (1) (2) (3) (4)
website Gastarbajteri | |


Glass Cinema
space concept
Wienmuseum and Haus der Kulturen der Welt / Berlin, 2004

presentation architecture for Lisl Ponger's works "Fremdes Wien" (Photo Series / 1993) and "Phantom fremdes Wien" (Video / 2003)

further images (1) (2) (3)
Lange Zeit in Österreich
participative development of contents and formats to represent migrant conditions
pre-conceptions for the exhibition Gastarbajteri, 2000 - 04

in cooperation with the scientific consultants of Initiative Minderheiten (August Gächter, Berhard Perchinig, Gamze Ongan u.a.) and numerous migrant organisations and individuals

Foto: Muzaffer Hasaltay
Transfer Damaskus. Kunsthalle Wien / Project Space
Transfer Damaskus. Beit Baroudi / Damaskus
Transfer Damaskus. Mücsarnok - Kunsthalle Budapest

curating of three exhibitions + lectures, dialogue-tours, etc, 2003

artistic results of the Transferprojekt Damaskus / University for Applied Arts

exhibition vienna
exhibition damascus
exhibition budapest
urban orient-ation: cultural production and the economy of public space
Symposion to the Transfer Damaskus - exhibition
Mücsarnok / Art Palace Budapest, 2003

workshop, panel discussion and film program on the tension between the inner dynamics of Arab experiences / narratives in art, and those dynamics that result from media, migration, strata of obsolete politics etc.
participants: Ali Atassi / journalist, Simonetta Ferfoglia with Irene Lucas and Christoph Euler-Rolle / artists, Karin Kneissl / diplomat and middle east expert, Solmaz Shahbazi / filmmaker, Tirdad Zolghadr / cultural theorist and curator. Films by: Ali Atassi, Shahbazi/Zolghadr, Rabih Mroué, Laura Waddington

website urban orient-ation
Lecture Series with autonome cultural producers in Syria and Lebanon
various locations in Damascus and Vienna, 2002/03
participants (selection): Nazih Kawakibi / architecture historian, Sead Zimeri / philosopher, Noura Mourad / dramatist, Talal Akili / architect, Dana Charkasi / journalist, Kristine Kemp / artist
Knots symmetric_asymmetric - the MAK's Historical Oriental Carpets and Filminserts of the Present
curating and exhibition design
MAK - Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 2002/03
in cooperation with Angela Völker / scientific head of the MAK's textile department

further images (1) (2)
website Knots symmetric_asymmetric |

Foto: Margherita Spillutini
TransModernity - Austrian Architects
exhibition design
Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Architekturzentrum Wien, Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, 2002/03
presentation of three relevant Austrian position ins architecture an the occasion of the opening of the new ACF NY
with henke und schreieck, Jabornegg & Palffy, Riegler Riewe. Kurator: Otto Kapfinger, 2002/03
trans modern
3-canal videoinstallation
Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Architekturzentrum Wien, Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, 2002/03
a panorama screen of architectures in context, opposite a split screen with images of use and of the designing process

Wem gehört Wien?
workshop on art and democracy, 2001
in cooperation with Wiener Wahl Partie and Academy of Fine Arts / architecture department / Rüdiger Leiner

website wiener wahlpartie
Videoprojects with Migrant Youth
participative projects and public presentations
AAI-Galery, Wien Station, Schikaneder Cinema, Festival Soho in Ottakring, Public Library Vienna and others, 1999 - 2001
in cooperation with Dezentrale Medien and Echo - Association for the 2nd Generation

dezentrale kunst 1 | denzentrale kunst 2
Architekturtage 2002
2001, partly realized by ArtPhalanx from 2002 on
commissioned by the Austrian Chamber of Architects, development of a structure for a first common public appearance of all Austrian Houses of Architecture plus international partner organisations

Image: Yona Friedman "Continent City"
Celebration of Roland Rainer's 90th birthday
Vienna City Hall, 2000
commissioned by the Austrian Chamber of Architects, in cooperation with MAK, Academy of Fine Arts, Architekturzentrum Wien

further images (1) (2) (3)
Trieste. litorale | cittá | altipiano
excursion, 2000
topographic introduction, architecture projects from the 1960ties until 80ties, actual urbanistic urgencies. With: Gigetta Tamaro / Semerani Tamaro Architetti, Fulvio Caputo / IUAV, Marco Pozzetto / architecture Historian, Massimo Mucci / IUAV, Lucia Krasovec / iInstitute for geography, University Trieste, Anna Illy and Domenico Costa / entrepreneurs

website Triest. litorale | cittá | altipiano
Foreign Affairs, Private Homes
working panel, co-curating with Christian Krawagna
University for Applied Arts, 1998
hegemonial aspects in the representation of the Other, with participation of: Maria Jose Alves de Abreu / anthropologist, Ursula Biemann / artist, Johannes Fabian / anthropologist, Sarat Maharaj / cultural theorist, Everlyn Nicodemus and Kristian Romare / arthistorians, Alexandra Schüssler / anthropologist

turn ov sky
exhibition design, performance
Architekturzentrum Wien, 1997
in memory of Jan Turnovsky

further images (1) (2)
zu Hause
installation and performance
construction site of the projected art space of the Akademiehof (Arch. Roland Rainer), 1996

further images (1) (2) (3) (4)
Call Boxes & Bar clr / Bar del
installation in public space, architectonic intervention
Museumsquarter Vienna, 1995/96
an LED display of the theatre line "Oops, we're alive"(Vienna Festival, curator Brigitte Fürle) subtitles the activities in a telephone cab. The historical layers of the foyer's interieur design are subsequently peeled off until the raw construction substance is visible

further images (1)
performance, exhibition
underground garage, City Gallery, Schwaz/Tyrol, 1994

further images (1) (2)
Klang wirft keine Schatten
installation and performance
Sculpture Studio / Gustinus Ambrosi Museums (Georg Lippert, 1955) - today Atelier im Augarten of the Austrian Galley Belvedere , 1994
interpretation of works by Austrian post-war avantgarde artists and their reflection on the culture-politic climate of that time

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (4)
Break Even
installation and performance
Marstall / Bayrisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich, 1993

further images (1) (2) (3) (4)
New Design of the Carpet Hall at the MAK
permanent installation
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 1993
as part of the museum's representation concept to have the collection settings done by artists - other contributions by (selection): Jenny Holzer, Donald Judd, Franz Graf, Heimo Zobernig
war&transitional, messages
exhibition and performance
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 1993
a first use of the newly built space at the MAK, dealing with the contemporary "pop"-phenomenon of Afghan war rugs

further images (1) (2) (3)
Panel Series on fields of activities accompanying the New Design of the Carpet Hal
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 1993
- institutional collecting and representation of collections. With Christian Reder / cultural theorist, Ulrich Reck / communication theorist, Angela Völker / chief of the textile department MAK
- exchange among the artistic positions in the project of re-designing the MAK's museum presentation
- perspectives of political developments in Afghanistan. With: Erhard Stackl / der Standard (moderation), Gudrun Harrer / der Standard, Georg Lennkh / Austrian Development Aid, Abdullah Abdelrahimsai / Hesb i Islami - Austria, Max Klimburg / Austrian Relief Committee, Heinrich Pichler / Gangart, Michael Pohly / author, Michael Schodermayr / Friedensdorf International
Die Form der Zeit
photo exhibition
Böhlerhaus (Arch. Roland Rainer / 1958), 1992
the photographic positions of Margharita Krischanitz-Spiluttini und Lucca Chmel on Austrian post-war architecture, presented in a paradigmatic building of that area

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

all Fotos: Margherita Spillutini
installation and performance
Vienna City Hall (Roland Rainer, 1958), Gartenbau Cinema (1960, Robert Kotas), 1991

further images (1) (2) (3)
installation and performance
Thalia Cinema Graz (Rudolf Vorderegger), 1991
opening event of the steirischer Herbst 91

further images (1) (2) (3)
Mücsarnok / Art Palace Budapest, 1989
contribution "multimedia art" to the exhibition "Land in Sicht - Austrian Art in the 20th Century" (other participants: Coop Himmelblau, E.Caramelle, B.Gironcoli, K.Kocherscheid, O.Oberhuber, curator Peter Noever)

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
installation and performance
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 1989
intervention in the existing setting for the museum's carpet collection

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
installation and performance
Steyr-Fiat-Haus (Carl Appel, 1958), 1988
comment on urbanity in a visually de-limited ex car-salesroom

further images (1) (2) (3)
site and performance
production areal of the Hamerle steel company, 1987

further images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
site and performance
Viennese Horseriding Institute, 1986

further images (1) (2) (3)
university projects
For more recent university projects, please visit:
  Lecturing at the Department for Multimedia and Video Art - Anna Daucikova, VSVU Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava
conceptualizing a material culture that impacts human/social relationships
Pistori Palace (Ex Lenin Museum)

  Lecturing at "Moden & Styles", Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
The Rug Plot
Carpet as functional object, as agency of information and narratives, and as commodity that is being produced, distributed, collected, used
der ausstellungsraum

in cooperation with Kunstuniversität Linz / textil-kunst-design
gilbert bretterbauer, Käthe Hager von Strobele


elastisch – Life Cycle
Course on economic, social, cultural conditions of textile production

Course on economic, social, cultural conditions of textile production

  Lecturing at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Technical University Graz
Lady Mammoth - Narrations on Brutalism
Design Course on 3 exemplary housing complexes from early 1970ties in Graz, Trieste and Zagreb, and on their architectonic concepts in relation to the specific artistic contexts
Summer Semester 2009

website IKZ | Flyer

  Visiting Professor at the Institute for Space Art, University for Applied Arts, Vienna, 2001-03
topic: translocal spaces
together with Prof. Dr. Christian Reder, concept and realisation of the exchange project Transfer Damaskus, in cooperation with the faculties of architecture and art at the University Damascus

  Lecturing at the Institute for Art- and Knowledgetransfer, University for Applied Arts, Vienna, 1997 - 2000
topic trace 1: the city as interface - music and visual production
- Operating System Music / Vienna Excursions
bus tours to studio-talks with actors in the field of actual music production, with afocus on visual culture and economic and structural conditions
- Operating System Music / Fine Tuning
studio-talks with experts from the electronic music scene on means and methods of production, socialisation and market
- Operating System Music / Practices
Internships for students of art universities at British companies in the field of visual communication of actual music production

further images (1) (2) (3)
topic trace 2: Foreign Affairs
- Foreign Affairs, Private Homes
critical occupation with the collecting of material culture of the Other: motivations of appropriation and their sociopolitical implications: interventions in public and private spaces
in cooperation with the Institute for Housing at the Technical University Vienna and the Anthropological - Sociological Center / University of Amsterdam.
- Transfer on Transfer
workshop on the topics of “Foreign Affairs, Private Homes” on invitation by the architecture faculty Trieste

further project images (1) (2)
  Lecturing at the Institute for artistic design, University fot Design, Linz, 1999-2000
  Intermedia Laboratory - Operating System Music
  Lecturing at the Institute for Housing at the Technical University Vienna 1995-97
- Displaying the Object - Interventions in the existing presentations of collections at the Museum of Ethnology Vienna
Interdisciplinary workshop in cooperation with the Anthropological - Sociological Center / University of Amsterdam and the Museum of Ethnology Vienna
Lecturing, project consulting, new setting for a museum hall (collection Nuristan), exhibition, catalogue production

project images (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

  Architecture representation. design course
topic: media- and print-contributions on architecture topics on a defined urban area - concept for an architecture magazine that questiones convention modes of representation

Housing Design
topic: video-research on concepts of housing and interventions in the respective flats
research medthods, basics of videodesign and production, projectdesign and -realisation, exhibition, catalogue

publishing and producing
  books, catalogues, brochures
Good Luck! Migration Today
Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb, Istanbul

edited byVida Bakondy, Simonetta Ferfoglia, Jasmina Jankovic, Cornelia Kogoj, Gamze Ongan, Heinrich Pichler, Ruby Sircar, Renée Winter

512 pages, 18x26cm

Cover | Mandelbaum Verlag

Lost Formats
with a text by Carola Platzek

Contribution to "ici Garikula"
edited by Tina Bepperling

"7 Questions to Rusiko Oat"
Salon für Kunstbuch
26 05 2010, 20.00h
Mondscheingasse 11, A - 1070 Vienna

download | Salon für Kunstbuch

New Perspectives
publication for the Symposium at Goethe Institute Zagreb - a part of the ongoing project "Good Luck! Migration Today"


Text contribution in the "Bildpunkt" edition "formal sinnvoll", September 08
link Bildpunkt
download .pdf
TransPersonen am österreichischen Arbeitsmarkt Layout für die Studie von Vlatka Frketic´ / Persson Perry Baumgartinger
]diskursiv[ Verein zur Verqueerung gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhänge
Transferprojekt Damaskus
editor, with Christian Reder. Vienna, 2003
contributions by: Gerald Bast, Christian Reder, Simonetta Ferfoglia, Tatia Skhirtladze, Sadik J. Al-Azm, Nikolaus Gansterer, Burghart Schmidt, Erfan Khalifa, Jesper Berg, Ammar Abdulhamid, Ali Abu Rashed, Christoph Euler / Irene Lucas / Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Sahar Dahoud, Sead Zimeri, Natalija Ribovic, Constantin Luser, Peter Kishur /Helga Schania /Katharina Schendl, Ernst Strouhal, Noura Mourad, Kinda Alsayed, Barbara Lippe /Florian Bettel, Nazih Kawakibi, Irene Janda, Stefanie Wuschitz /Korinna Lindinger, Gabi Wagner, Dana Charkasi, Verena Rempel, Jamal Chehayed, Angi Mathis, Cem Yücetas, Amin Maalouf, Maha Marawi, Wilhelm Steiner
Displaying the Object
Vienna, 1997
contributions by: Gosewjin van Beek, Gerard van Bussel, Axel Steinmann, gangart and 5 interdisziplinay project teams

chapter titles (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Wohnbau Entwerfen
Vienna, 1995
contributions by: Jan Turnovsky, Ditia Edalati / Margharita Spiluttini, gangart and appr. 20 designer teams
Die Form der Zeit
Vienna, 1992
contributions by: Lucca Chmel and Margharita Spiluttini (Fotos), and texts by Roland Rainer, interviews by Wolfgang Kos with Lucca Chmel and Margherita Spiluttini, and by Arno Ritter with Werner Durth
Pars pro toto
Vienna, 1989
contributions by: Werner Durth, eichinger o. knechtl, Wolfgang Kos, Irene Nierhaus, Winfried Nerdinger, Roland Rainer, Dietmar Steiner, Winfried Steiner

project brochures for artistic projects by gangart, e.g. FIAT!, IM NU, icons, etc.
  zu Hause
CD, 1996

Sound zum gleichnamigen Projekt im Rohbau der Kunsthalle des Akademiehofs der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Architekt: Roland Rainer)

Susanne Brokesch SIL
Christian Fennesz
Heinrich Pichler
Wolfgang Poor

audio sample
turn ov sky
MiniCD, 1997

Maria José Alves de Abreu - Stimme
Heinrich Pichler - alle Instrumente, Produktion
Wolfgang Poor - Produktion

· The Happiest End (3:30)
· Ein Komet könnte 2129 die Erde rammen (4:13)
· prognose (4:54)

alle Stücke: Turnovsky / Pichler

aufgenommen im Studio Wolfgang Poor, September 1997
Coverdesign: Simonetta Ferfoglia
Coverfoto: Jan Turnovsky

audio sample 1 | audio sample 2
MiniCD, 1997

Maria José Alves de Abreu - Stimme
Heinrich Pichler - alle Instrumente, Produktion
Wolfgang Poor - Produktion

· Abyss (3:47)
· Mvet (5:26)

alle Stücke: Abreu / Pichler

aufgenommen im Studio Wolfgang Poor, Juni / September 1997
Coverdesign: Simonetta Ferfoglia, Beilageheft: Bekic / Fürtsch
Coverfoto: Sebestyen Kodolanyi

audio sample
CD, 1989/93
Soundtrack zum gleichnamigen Projekt, erschienen anläßlich der Neueröffnung des Saal Orient im restrukturierten MAK

Yavous Aslan - Saz, Stimme
Heinrich Pichler - Keyboards, Akkordeon
Wolfgang Poor - Schlagzeug, Saxophon

audio sample

LP, 1988

Langspielplatte, erschienen zum gleichnamigen Projekt in der Autoverkaufshalle des Steyr-Hauses

Miyoko Matsumoto - Stimme
Heinrich Pichler - Electronics, Akkordeon, Blech
Wolfgang Poor - Schlagzeug, Saxophon, Electronics
Mathias Fuchs - Electronics

· nani yori (Matsumoto)
· aussen/innen (Pichler/Poor)
· verfolgung (Pichler)
· stimmlippen (Fuchs)
· köpfe schnitt schlacht (pichler)
· o.t. (Pichler/Poor)
· fiat! (Pichler)
· verfolgung/haut (Pichler)
· nähmaschine (Pichler)
· fiat! (Pichler)
· aquarium (Pichler)

aufgenommen im Studio Franz Dorfner, Herbst 1988
Coverdesign: Simonetta Ferfoglia

audio sample
  Film / Video
Video Edition Austria - Release 02
curated by Gerda Lampalzer, Eva Brunner-Szabo and gangart
edited by Medienwerkstatt Wien

03 03 2009, 20.00h
MAK Vienna, Stubenring 5

Diagonale 09
18 03 2009, 14.00h
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Medienwerkstatt | MAK NITE | Diagonale

11 Dokumentarvideos für die Ausstellung Gastarbajteri - 40 Jahre Arbeitsmigration
directors: Bea Bakondy, Marie-Theres Euler-Rolle, Tatja Skhirtladze, Renée Winter (5-20min each, DVCam, 3:4, color, German or Turkish and serbokroatic with German subtitles), 2003/04
6 short films and a film script for the MAK-exhibition Knots, symmetric_asymmetric

- Humus al Eid, by Rashid Masharawi, with Areen Omari (10:30min, Digital Betacam, 3:4, color), coproduced by Cinema Production Center Ramallah, 2002

- Conversation de Salon I, by Danielle Arbid (9:30min, Digital Betacam, 16:9, Farbe, arabic with German or English subtitles) coproduced by Michael Baute / Movimento - Paris. 2002. Conversation de Salon I-III has been awarded with the golden Leopard at the Filmfestival Locarno

- Teppichschoner, by Jessica Hausner (3:00min, animation, 3:4, color), coproduced by coop99, Vienna, 2002

- the ART of KILLING, by Seifollah Samadian (8min, DVCam, 3:4, Farbe), coproduced by Tassvir Image, Teheran, 2002

- Little Apocrypha, by Kornél Mundruczò (5:00min, shot with a TV tube camera, digital postproduction; final format: DVCam, 3:4, B/W), coproduced by ComArt Budapest, 2002. Little Apocrypha has been awarded with the price of the ökumenische Jury at the Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen

- Portrait einer Arbeiterin, by Angela Schanelec (5:00min, Digital Betacam, 3:4, B/W, German), coproduced by Angela Schanelec, Berlin, 2002

+ Buzkashi, by Djamshed Usmonov (Filmscript), coproduced by Asht Village, Moskau, 2002